Decluttering your home

It’s always time for a spring clean, whatever the time of year. Clearing out things you don’t use, but don’t want to get rid of, can be quite therapeutic, helping you to reclaim some space and clarity in your home.

Running out of space – time for a clear-out

Storage is at a real premium in the modern home and an off-site storage solution, just like Stowsafe Storage, can be the secure, economical answer to giving you back the space in your home and keeping the things you want but just don’t have room for.

Store as much as you want

With our convenient free box drop-off and pick-up service direct to your home, it’s easy to make your home a little less cluttered. Simply set up an account with us, arrange a convenient date for us to drop off our 80 litre boxes and get packing. When you’re ready we’ll pick your boxes up and store them for as long as you like at our secure storage facility in Plympton, Plymouth. It really couldn’t be simpler.

Need to store bigger items? It couldn’t be simpler with Stowsafe Storage. We also offer a massive 1000 litre storage pallet box, a full 1,170 × 970 × 900mm, perfect for those bulky larger items that take up so much space. Contact us to arrange a convenient date and time, then drop your items off at our local, secure storage facility in Plympton. Our team will help you to pack your items in the storage pallet – you’ll just need to make sure they are suitably wrapped if necessary. Then when you need your belongings again, contact us to arrange a date and time to pick them back up.

Stress-free storage from just £5 per box, per month

Two great options to solve your storage problems
  1. Decide which of our great storage options suits you best:- our free drop off and pick up 80 litre boxes or our mega 1000 litre storage pallet box
  2. Contact us to set up an account and delivery date for your 80 litre Stowsafe Storage boxes, or if you've more to store and are using one of our mega 1000 litre storage pallet boxes to arrange a date and time to drop your items off at our local secure storage facility
  3. We drop our free 80 litre storage boxes direct to your home or office – from 1 to 100 – it’s up to you. If you choose our 1000 litre option we’ll help you pack the pallet box when you drop your items off at our storage facility
  4. Carefully pack and securely seal your boxes before arranging a convenient time for us to pick up your boxes ready for storage at our secure storage facility in Plympton, Plymouth
  5. Call us when you’re ready for us to deliver your boxes back to your home or workplace or to pick your items up direct from us.